A pop up event can be the start of a sweet romance!

07 October 2013

We ran our first pop up experience last week: SEA LIFE After Dark at the London Aquarium and we noticed it was full of some VERY smug men who had chosen the experience as the perfect Friday night date!

So we asked DoingSomething.co.uk (the dating website where you can find people who want to share fun experiences!) to share his wisdom on how pop up experiences have impacted on the dating world today!

‘The desire to meet someone new and have fun as you get to
know each other has been around since time immemorial. But the how and where
has shifted radically in less than ten years.

Because dating in the 21st century isn’t just
about where you find someone new; it’s about where you take them. And a pop-up,
with its fresh and fleeting existence, is where it’s at.

Talk to anyone who dated twenty years ago and chances are
they met their partner through family, friends, work or pub/bar. And they’ll
wax lyrical about attending the same restaurant they chose for their first
date, for their anniversary years later. Yeah. It’s probably more romantic than
lazy. Right?

But we’re in the era of Internet dating. One in five
relationships are thought to have started online, opening up whole new swathes
of potential partners. So, if the way to meet someone new has changed, why not
where you take them, too? With the advent of pop-up restaurants, eateries,
gardens, galleries, cinemas and events, there’s never been a better excuse to
go on a date. DoingSomething.co.uk
is where you can find the people who like the things you like and if you’re
doing something fun on a date it’s never wasted time even if those sparks don’t

Suggesting a pop-up is a brilliant idea for a date. For one,
by its very nature, it’s short-lived; here today, quite literally gone
tomorrow. There’s nothing like a deadline to clarify the mind and encourage you
to suggest hitting that ‘cool place’ that’s about to disappear forever. And
here’s another blessing bestowed by the pop-up; in the way that it often takes
over and transforms under-utilised spaces, it gives your suggestion the
counter-culture glow of cool.

But the final reason why pop-ups are changing the way we
date? Because we want to share something as unique as we are. We want a new
experience, not just a mere meal, screening or show. Sharing something special,
ephemeral and exclusive .. well, isn’t that what a great date is all about?

Try the next SEA LIFE After Dark on the 22nd November, it gives the perfect unique setting for a date and the chance to see penguins, crocodiles and even turtles!

Want to find the right person to take on your perfect popup
date, seek no further than DoingSomething.co.uk
where all your popup dating dreams come true!

This blog was posted by Emma Greenfield on Thursday 8th October 2013.