What does your scribble reveal about you?

25 April 2013

Have you ever wondered whether your style of hand writing might mean something?

This week the team found out that it does. Many of you will have come across fortune tellers, tarot readers and perhaps glared into a crystal ball in some hope of finding out what fate lies ahead.

Many of you will no doubt wonder is it all a load of rubbish?

Not this time, on Tuesday night our team attended the Dish BBQ at No.4 Hamilton Place where Sternberg Clarke entertained us with some delightful acts including their seasoned Graphologist, Adam who was on hand (literally) to examine guests’ handwriting and see what these scribbles reveal about their personalities.

Our whole team was taken aback by Adam who first and foremost has to be the most charming man we have ever come across and secondly had just been analysing forgery cases in the criminal court for 4 days. A credible source surely?

I was asked to write ‘two magpies’ and sign my signature. My loopy ‘g’s mean I am desperate for physical movement, cannot sit still at my desk and may even need a run round the park. I had in fact been for a sunny run round regents park that lunch time due to my inability to sit still! Strange? A colleague of mine was told she is very private yet when she is on stage she is at home, she is in fact fairly quiet at work but loves drama, acting, dancing on stage. You may remain dubious, but we can assure you Adam is likely to have your guests enthralled and has some fascinating stories to add a sparkle to your event.