The death of the brochure

20 May 2013

Once upon a time in an Event world far far away there used to be printed marketing collateral, mainly brochures, inserts, flyers and other rather expensive and time consuming products.

It is 12 years since I first had the battle with my MD on a boat in Ibiza (the glamour of events pre Millennium).  “The brochure is no longer required” I debated. In the end I conceded we produced a flyer style brochure that pointed clients to our new web site.  This was my last printed brochure.

Only today I was speaking to some of my colleagues about the merits of online marketing and how SEO optimisation, with lots of social content via pictures, videos and blogs is far more a necessity than a brochure that costs thousands and is out of date in a few months.

I don’t even have a filing cabinet anymore to store them in, I am sure we can all recall the oversized brochure that had become a surrogate child to a marketing executive, it was their pride and joy when the freshly printed brochure arrived ready for dispatch.

However, when it was dispatched it usually arrived all screwed up because it had not fitted through a letterbox or had printed inserts added as the brochure was already out of date. I do hope there is no body still printing these now?

Today the website is your shop window, data can be updated on a daily basis, (although you would not think that looking at some venues websites).  As a rule of thumb a website needs to be updated at least every quarter, when did you last update yours?

Keeping the site topical and relevant i.e. writing a blog on topical issues has benefited the traffic to our website and ensures Merlin Events is always in people’s minds.

To put it in perspective when did you last use a printed holiday brochure? Is the printed brochure dead or is it undergoing major treatment in A&E?

This blog post was written on Monday 20th May by Michael Aldridge, General Manager of Merlin Events,