Are you following?

21 May 2013

Last night I culled my personal Facebook friend list, something I have never done (to my flat mates horror!) but I actually thoroughly enjoyed. 90 culprits got deleted including ex colleagues, university hall mates and my partners friend’s sisters latest fling who I met at a wedding in 2008.

The reason? I needed to clear out my newsfeed, I will probably never see the majority of those 90 people again in my life and I do not want to read about their personal problems any more (that’s what people watch Jeremy Kyle for).

When social media first came about, it was a frenzy of ‘adding’ and ‘following’ but the landscape has changed and we are tired of reading the same boring content which does not interest us.

The same story applies to your brand. How many people follow your company twitter page? 50? 500? 5000? Surely the more the better?

NO! A large following on social media does not signal success, especially if those followers or fans are not the right people.

At a recent event I heard a story of a car manufacturer who wanted to grow their Facebook fans. Their aim was to get 5000 fans. Their strategy; to entice people to follow them with a car giveaway prize. They reached their 5000 fans and one lucky person won a shiny new car. 1 month later their page had 1500 fans. Why? Those fans were not brand ambassadors, they just wanted a free car.

The word ‘engagement’ gets chucked around the social media landscape like the words ‘olive oil’ from the mouth of Jamie Oliver, yet half of the time people do not seem concerned about ‘how’ they are engaging or ‘whom’ they are engaging with.

This is where KPI’s come in, just as you have KPI’s in other areas of your business, you need them in social media too.

There is no ‘one size fits all’, what you measure can depend on your brand, type of business and your customers.

Measuring conversions is a key metric in sales and free tools such as google analytics can help you analyse how much traffic social media is bringing to your website.

Facebook insights will help you analyse what content is working and whether your fans are sharing that content. Here at Merlin Events we do not actually use Facebook to interact directly with our key customers, however we interact with ‘influencers’ so the number of ‘shares’ and ‘impressions’ is a key metric for our Facebook content.

Decide what you want to achieve, how you are going to measure it and that will help tailor your content.

This blog was written on Tuesday 21st May 2013 by Emma Greenfield, Marketing and Events Manager from Merlin Events