Are you the office Christmas party planner?

08 May 2013

Planning a Christmas Party this year in London? Looking for the perfect Christmas party venue? Take our quiz and find out
if you make the grade as the perfect Christmas party planner. There is a pair of tickets to Madame Tussauds London up
for grabs!

What do you remember
about last year’s office party?

A – Mostly everything, I
only squeezed in one glass of wine between wrestling drunk colleagues into
taxi’s home

B – It’s a bit foggy, but
I had a damn good time on the dance floor

C – I could not tell you,
woke up in my party dress and could not face the office shame

How do you like to spend
your Thursday night?

A – I am off out to check
out the latest haunt in town and dragging all my friends with me, Thursday is
the new Friday don’t you know

B – I am in my local beer
garden in my leafy suburb of London

C – I normally need a
night in, London exhausts me

Have you engaged in any
type of conversation yet about the 2013 Christmas Party?

A – Yes I am already
asking people where they think we should go this year

B – Yes I have been
wondering if my latest office crush will be single by the time the Christmas
party comes round

C – Absolutely not, it is
criminal to even think about such a thing before December

What makes a good
Christmas Party?

A – A fun themed venue
like Madame Tussauds including delicious food and show stopping entertainment

B – A cheesy DJ and some
dry turkey

C – Cheese and Pineapple
sticks washed down with a few beers in the office, no one is really fussed

Did you make the grade?

Mostly A’s

Get your clipboard out;
you are the party planning queen! You are already thinking about Christmas 2013
because you are well organised and aim to please.

Mostly B’s

You could be the party
planner, but Carol from accounts does a better job. Leave the planning to her
and go and enjoy yourself.

Mostly C’s

You ARE the party, but you
are not the party planner! That’s fine, just prop up the bar and carry on as
you were.

How did you get on?

Leave us a comment below
and tell us where you are going this year. The first 3 to do so win a pair of
tickets to Madame Tussauds London 

This blog was written on Wednesday 8th May by Emma Greenfield, Marketing and Events Manager, Merlin Events London