Are you not working networking?

13 June 2013

The events industry is renowned for networking; we network
with others to create events and we deliver events for people to network.

Over the next month Merlin Events will be inviting some of
the top voices of the events industry to give you the tips and skills to
work the room like Austin Powers and organise the best networking events in town.

First up, networking guru Suzy Dunn from Innervision Training will be inviting 30 event professionals to Madame Tussauds London on the evening of 10th July for a high energy networking master class. To qualify all you need to do is take Suzy’s networking quiz below and register your interest with us to get a place by clicking here! Registration closes at midday on Tuesday 25th June, we will then contact you within 24 hours to let you know if you have been successful.

Take our networking quiz!

Business networking is an effective low-cost method of making new contacts; building sales and connecting with like-minded people.  It’s a way of reaching decision makers and influencers, whose doors would normally be closed to you.  It can also be the greatest waste of time, in a world where being time-poor is as easy as catching a cold.  Are you a ‘Networking Ninja’ or a ‘Not working networker’?

1. When do you prepare for a networking event?

A – Before the event, making sure you have an idea of your attendees

B – As you walk through the door

C – Never, I just let it happen

2. What’s the first thing you do when you arrive at an event?  

A – Scan the room for ‘interesting’ targets

B -Talk to the nearest person

C – Head for the bar

3. When attending a work related event, do you  

A – Work the room like Austin Powers

B – Stay in one place and hope you get lucky

C – Prop up the bar

4. When interacting with others at a networking event, do you: 

A – Listen and respond to what others are saying

B – Spin the conversation topic to suit your pitch

C – Prop up the bar

5. Describe your response to a common question asked at networking events, “what do you do?” Is your response:

A – Well thought through, clear, succinct and interesting

B – A long winded ramble

C – Whatever tends to come out of your mouth at that moment – sometimes, even you are surprised!

6. During a networking event, do you:

A -Have a good proportion of sensible and valuable business conversations

B – Act as a supplier ‘magnet’ and spend most of your time being ‘sold to’?

C – Always get stuck with someone who just talks and talks and talks

7. How effective are you at supporting your business objectives through networking activity?  

A – I always develop one or two new opportunities from attendance at any event

B – I may find an interesting contact every few events

C – I enjoy the event, but nothing ever comes from it

How did you get on?

Mostly ‘A’s

‘Ninja’ Networker

Well you are the envy of all aspiring
networkers and we can all learn a few tips from your approach!  You are organised, relaxed and
confident.  You glide round the room
listening, connecting and building an Outlook folder that is bulging with great
contacts.  You are the one to watch and
the one that everyone else remembers. If you disagree, you can still register for my workshop by clicking here!

Mostly ‘B’s

‘Nice Try’ Networker

You have no problem talking!  You may find that your ‘contacts’ excuse
themselves frequently for visits to the bar; the bathroom and never come back –
have you ever thought this may be their ‘escape’ plan?  But fear not, you are a great favourite with
suppliers and normally leave an event weighed down with cards from very nice
people, who want to sell you stuff.  Was
that the plan?  Oh, I’ve just remembered
– you didn’t have one!  Perhaps you need to register for my networking master class by clicking here!

Mostly ‘C’s

‘Notworking’ Networker

In every networking event, there are always
those who believe you are ‘conspicuous by your absence’ – you just have to be
there and that’s enough.  Well, it isn’t
and without a plan, you could be damaging your personal brand.  If you have time to attend events, then
invest some time making them work for you.
Make sure that people remember you for the right reasons!  You need to register for my networking master class by clicking here!