Breaking the Ice with Entertainment

25 June 2013

Fun as most events end up being, those opening moments where guests are faced with a room full of people they don’t know can be a little nervy. Even the most experienced networker needs a little help striking up conversation with fellow event-goers and a well planned event makes this as easy as possible.

This week, Sternberg Clarke have provided us the top tips in how to break the ice with their entertainment ideas.

Provide Talking Points

Give guests something they haven’t seen before that’s guaranteed to get conversation started – this could be something weird and wonderful like operatic drag act Le Gateau Chocolat or something slightly off-kilter like the tuba-powered Watling Street Band.

Give Guests a Task

People find it easier to talk  when they’re talking about the task at hand – that could be through teambuilding activities like Scavenger Hunts or through a bit of gentle competition with quizzes and challenges.

Make it About the Guests

Acts like magicians and mind readers like Damien O’Brien and Ian D Montfort are adept at drawing crowds of people, but they’re also great at teasing information out of guests – names of childhood pets, mother’s maiden names, pet peeves can all be incorporated into tricks and allow the audience a sneaky ‘in’ to start chatting.

Get the Volume Right

If you’re trying to create the perfect atmosphere for networking – getting the music right is crucial. Background music acts like The Blind Tigers and Melody Domain are experienced in performing at events at which they’re not the focal point and know how to set the right tone for an evening.

Let People Play

Giving people a chance to play with things like Kinect Stations or even more extravagant games like Laser Archery and Segway Jousting lets them cut loose and relax in a way that no amount of free drinks can match.

In the end, it’s important to keep things on track; by incorporating brand messages into entertainment and sticking to the theme of the evening you’ll ensure that guests remember why they’re at your event in the first place.

This blog was written on Tuesday 25th June 2013