5 Rules to help with recruitment of the RIGHT PEOPLE

14 February 2014

1 Reassess how much value recruitment agencies are really giving you!

I like to use the analogy of Black cabs who with the advent of SAT Navigation, became creatures of another age! With LinkedIn and other social networks you can easily connect with many people with skills you require.

Many companies pay recruiters 10% commission; why not add this to the salary of the role you are advertising instead? It will make the job even more attractive. If you do want to use external sources how about about Peoples Bank for a more cost effective solution?

2. Advertise via Linked In, Education Establishments, Trade Associations and other social networks 

Some postings may cost you as little as £50 and are guaranteed to be in front of the right audience. By sharing your posts on social media, someone in your network may recommend you the perfect person for the job. Simple!

3. Believe in Recruitment days and invite plenty of candidates

A thorough recruitment day will leave a few candidates shining by the end. Invite approximately fourteen candidates; hopefully about ten will arrive on the day (not everyone will turn up believe me). Last week, I had two who did not turn up for a graduate role paying a good wage with clear progression in one the world’s biggest leisure companies. You know they will be the people moaning they cannot get a job in a years’ time!

4. Plan your Recruitment day in four stages:

 Stage 1

·         Introduce the company culture

·         Find out what research have they done about the company, maybe with a quiz

·         Watch them work together in a team exercise

 Coffee break – remove a third of your candidates

 Stage 2

·         Take them on a tour of your business

·         Quiz them to see how much info the candidates have taken in

 Remove a further two candidates

 Stage 3

·         Set an attention to detail task , it’s important in the majority of roles

·         Give them another task that is relevant to the role so you can find the skills you require

 Choose two candidates for interview

This should leave you with two candidates with relevant experience who are able to withhold information, able to stand out in a team and deal with information in a timely manner with a good eye for detail.

Stage 4

Take two candidates to an intense interview that is roughly 20 minutes long. Try not to be personable or make eye contact. Our clients can be challenging and I often want to see how the candidates react. Lighten the mood with a few team culture questions such as what’s your favourite TV series and what is your favourite film. This gives me an idea of how they will ‘fit’ with the current team members.

5 SAVE your time and resource with succession planning

I have not recruited anybody into a mid- level role from an external source in six years. You have to ask why the talent is not ready and why you are not. Creating a culture where you have open dialogue with team members ensures mutual respect and even if they decide to leave your company, assisting them with development should be a given.  Other team members notice this and will react accordingly. 

My current retention rate is approx. 4 years (industry average about 20months) with an employee engagement in excess of 90%

How do you recruit and plan succession in your team?

This blog was written by Michael Aldridge on 14th Feburary 2014