It’s time for a new kind of event showcase

20 February 2014

For decades, venues around London have invited event buyers to showcase events that show off their product. The evening will consist of a panel of suppliers including florists, caterers and the latest photography supplier entertaining guests in the best way possible.

Recently, it has come to our attention that in comparison to other industries no-one has really attempted to overhaul this concept.

Let’s take a look at the motor industry for instance…

In 1961, Jaguar launched the Jaguar E-type, known at the time as the prettiest car around. Journalists, car dealers and the odd wealthy gent would stand around and eye up this beautiful vehicle. If you were lucky you might get the chance to sit in the car.

53 years on they invite journalists and dealers to exotic locations all over the world to test drive the Jaguar F-type coupe in the most exciting terrain, you may even bring your partner and have a great weekend away.

Modern times aside, what is more likely to stay with you as an experience? The opportunity to pop into the show room and ogle at a product or take it out on the road surrounded by people you genuinely want to spend time with.

My point is this, we may invite event buyers to experience our product in a ‘work capacity’ but do they really achieve an emotional attachment to the event that will stay with them ensuring they remember your venue in a special way? No.

On Friday 14th February we hosted a commercial pop up restaurant at Madame Tussauds for Valentine’s Day. We recognised that event organisers are short on time, they rarely go out and just enjoy themselves with their loved ones and sometimes they genuinely do not want another evening out at an event showcase where they are networking with others. This may explain why some industry parties get such poor attendance.

So we invited them and their partners along for an evening of fun, there was no networking, no exchange of business cards, no event supplier logo’s everywhere.

The result, happy and relaxed event clients who got to really ‘test drive’ our product, walking away feeling satisfied and happy after an evening of fun with people they care about. What’s more, they are more likely to tell their friends, family and colleagues about the great time they had.



Is it time to move on from the standard event showcase

This blog was written by Emma Greenfield on Thursday 20th February 2014