It’s your Party at Madame Tussauds

30 January 2012

Blog #7 The final frontier

Before I get into social media, have you seen the original Poltergeist film? If not watch it, it’s still a great thriller and really holds up after 25 years.  Now back to SM; I could never have been accused of being an early adopter of social media and I must admit I never quite grasped how I could really use it to benefit myself or clients.  Poor Peter Kerwood spent many hours trying in vain to explain to me the worth of Twitter. I needed to see the application of social media in a true context, how could I do this?

On the 1st February we are hosting ‘It’s Your Party’ at Madame Tussauds which will be a fully interactive social media experience.  As guests RSVP’d they were asked to vote for the theme of the party and over the past weeks the guests, via Survey Monkey, have chosen the food, entertainment and even selected their chosen cocktail.  On the evening we will have a Facebook photographer who will take pictures of guests and they will be able to post tweets via our screens (virtual tweets) in the venue so people’s thoughts will be posted live to all guests.  Excelerated Apps will be installing LIKE stations around the venue that will allow guests to check in on Facebook using the same technology as the Oyster Radio-frequency identification. OMG am I becoming a geek? Within the LIKE stations we will imbed content that will upload directly to guests’ wall on Facebook. For example, as guests leave the venue they swipe the unit and the nights album of pictures is uploaded to their Facebook wall.  This is the future of social media – fully integrated content that adds value to the guests’ experience.

How are you using social media for events?