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Creating the perfect promotional event in a venue

18 April 2012

Blog #12 Creating the perfect promotional event in a venue

By Michael Aldridge, General Manager of Merlin Events London

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  • First question: why are you hosting the event? Think about the key messages you want to convey and come up with a couple of key messages/points
  • Select event partners/suppliers that you would trust with your wedding, experiential marketing events are not the place to trial new suppliers
  • Create a strong theme, something unusual that will engage with your audience
  • Have something that whips the girls up, at Merlin Events promotional parties we always have bare chested men, it’s our signature and is expected
  • Design a strong identity for the party via invitation and strong online social media campaign
  • Create the perfect photo for the industry press to use before and after the event. Pre event media exposure is the oxygen that breaths life into the success of the party
  • The party is a campaign and needs pre, during and post initiatives

Merlin Events would like to share our case studies for our experiential events this season at our London venues.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my very talented team for producing the above events.

Watch this space as our first case study will go live on Friday…