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December: the Month of Madness in Events!

07 January 2019

December… the month of parties, work drinks, catch-ups with friends, securing those final actions at work and preparing for Christmas madness. In the Events Industry, any event manager will tell you that it’s the most exhausting but certainly the most rewarding month for most venues. We caught up with our event managers (Lauren, Carla & Rosie) to bring you some surprising statistics (kinda) from their month of madness. We’re sure you can relate…

Total Number of Events You Ran
Lauren: 8 in 14 days
Carla: 4
Rosie: 7

Total Step Count from Event Days
Lauren: Countless, but the most I walked in one event was 19,060!
Carla: 72,000!
Rosie: 50,321 steps from the events I managed.

Total Times Lipstick was Re-applied
Lauren: 0, WE DON’T HAVE TIME!
Carla: No lipstick for me, but powder to hide the shine… 50 times.
Rosie: 711

Total Cups of Coffee Drunk
Lauren: Too many! I only stop when the beginnings of coffee-induced anxiety kicks in…
Carla: I don’t drink coffee but tea – 500 cups.
Rosie: Uncountable – no tea, coffee is all I need!

Total Number of Guests at Your Events
Lauren: 3700
Carla: 641
Rosie: 878

Total Number of Canapes consumed by Guests
Lauren: Most of my events were three course dinners! So around 8,700 courses.
Carla: 400 Canapes
Rosie: about 2,600 courses, my events were mainly dinners!

Total number of times you wished for a Prosecco
Lauren: Every. Single. Day.
Carla: Around… 458,469,523 times.
Rosie: Too many to count.

Total hours worked on events
Lauren: No idea, but the longest day: 21 hours worked. Shortest amount of sleep between events: 3.5 hours.
Carla: 32 hours
Rosie: A-LOT!

Total times you thought “This is the best job”

Lauren: I use to always say, If I won the lottery, I would still work. At the start of this Christmas period, with all the late nights ahead, I convinced myself that was utter rubbish and I’d sit on a beach stress free forever more. As I near the end of what has been an insane but rewarding party season, I thank my lucky stars this is what I get to do every day! To see what has been achieved by the team and all the amazing feedback from clients, it all becomes worth it!

Carla: Twice – when I wasn’t thinking about the event at hand!

Rosie: Pretty much every event! Even though we plan most of or events months in advance so I know what’s coming on the night, I still get surprised at how much I think, ‘wow the room looks great tonight’ or ‘how instagram-able is this event!’ Every time a guest comments on their surroundings it reminds me of how lucky I am to work in such unusual and amazing venues! As crazy as December is for us, it’s one of my favourite months because I love being on site the most and when you receive the lovely feedback from clients, it makes the endless amount of hours worked worth it!

Favourite Moment
Rosie says…
My favourite event in December was a Christmas party at SEA LIFE for 100 guests because they had so much fun entertainment and themeing at the event! As our venues are already themed, it’s not often clients choose to have so much extra entertainment – they had everything from glitter artists to a four-piece acoustic band to a gin tricycle and more! All the guests loved these special additions to the event and I loved getting creative in arranging it all!

Madame Tussauds at Christmas