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Guest Blog: Head Chef of rhubarb talks Canapés and Creativity

30 November 2017

Rhubarb canapes

We sat down with rhubarb’s Head Chef Joshua Stanzl to explore the work that goes into creating tantalising new dishes…

How long have you been Head Chef at rhubarb and where were you before?
I have been with rhubarb for 4 months now, before this role I gained a wealth of experience, leading a team at a private events company in Dubai.

What’s been your favourite menu/dish so far?
My favourite dish has got to be our delicious, savoury take on the doughnut with a cheesy kale centre, served with a broccoli purée and crispy kale.

How do you begin the creation of a new menu?
It always starts with choosing your seasonal ingredients, and creating two main flavour combinations; I don’t like to complicate the palate, keep it simple and extract as much flavour as possible from each component of the dish.

What’s the best thing about creating canapés for private capsules at the London Eye?
We love creating unique, bespoke canapés for guests on the London Eye; to cater for such an iconic landmark that’s renowned throughout the world is an honour and we’re proud to offer an on-board catering experience that’s second-to-none, delivering not only exquisite food and drink but the ultimate decoration, service and atmosphere to match.

There must be a lot of operational thought that goes in to creating a menu for such a unique venue. What are the main things that you need to consider?
One of things I love about catering for the London Eye is the exciting challenge of creating a menu of both hot and cold dishes for a moving venue with no kitchen! The main thing to consider is that the food must be carefully crafted by the culinary team and then delivered by the front of house team fully assembled and served at the correct temperature. The ingredients must work together and so must the staff! Excellent communication between the team is of upmost importance and guarantees that guests enjoy a fantastic experience every time.

What’s your favourite canapé on the new London Eye menu?
My favourite canapé from the new menu has to be the Coronation chicken tart; it’s a classic with a modern, rhubarb twist!

The new menu includes vegetarian, gluten-free and vegan canapés, do you think this is important to have in every menu?
Yes definitely, you have to make food accessible and enjoyable for everyone. It also pushes me to be more creative and use ingredients that may otherwise not be commonly used when crafting the menus.

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