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Happy Halloween

31 October 2017

Many people think Halloween is just for kids, but we don’t! Although it does bring back a lot of nostalgic memories of Trick-or-treating and apple bobbing. But does anyone know what we are actually celebrating?  Is Halloween just there to fill the gap between summer fun and festive celebrations?

It’s said that over 2000 years ago the Celts would light bonfires and wear scary costumes to ward off roaming ghosts. That sounds a little frightening, and doesn’t sound like child’s play to me.  The Celts also celebrated the end of harvest, and if you have ever wondered why pumpkins are the icon of Halloween, it’s because they are one of the last vegetables to grow. But I think you will all agree with me when I say I think back in the day they did Halloween better than us. Have you seen the costumes they had? Eek!


Somehow over time Halloween has slowly turned into a fun fancy dress, community-based big excuse for a party, which we LOVE!

Now all the facts are out the way! What’s your Halloween party check list?

Halloween Party Check List

Okay so we can’t go trick-or-treating anymore, but we can still dress up and party! So we have a few top tips if you’re planning a party!

  1. Red shots supplied in large syringes
  2. Pumpkin carving competition
  3. Fancy dress of course!
  4. Get a spooky playlist together that your guests won’t be able to resist! Here’s some ideas to get you started: Thriller- Michael Jackson; Highway to Hell – AC/DC; Superstition- Stevie Wonder; Cheesy but an absolute must, Ghostbusters theme tune; Monster Mash- Bobby Pickett… Or if you want, just buy NOW That’s What I Call Halloween.
  5. Halloween dead bodyDon’t forget about getting the house ready. The fake spider web lace is always a great start but my favourite is the dead body is the bath/shower.
  6. Lots of fake blood… everywhere
  7. Red light bulbs around the house
  8. Halloween inspired food of course!
  9. And using a carved pumpkin as a drink cooler!
  10. Play the game SISTER! So you may have never heard of this game because my friend made it up…But this is how it works. Get a creepy doll head (yep just the head) hide it somewhere in the house where it will be found! When someone finds it they have to down a full drink and then hide it themselves. The real sister doll looks pretty creepy because she’s really old! So if you’re going out and buying a fresh doll, try and jazz it up a bit with some blood!