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Super Geek – Where to get your geek on in the capital!

15 August 2017

Geeks were once seen as figures lurking in the shadows of society, ridiculed and mocked for their obscure taste and strange interests. Now they’re about as common as an Oxford Circus closure during rush hour! But where are these geeks hanging out, and what an earth are they up to now? The list is endless. There are so many geek-centric London destinations to check out that there would need to be a pretty complex spreadsheet devised in order to properly display the possibilities. As much fun as that sounds, for now here’s a little list of some places well worth checking out if you want to get your geek on!

London Science Museum – This is a must for any true geek! Forget the Natural History Museum next door (although that is actually pretty great too), this museum is filled to the rafters with interest and intrigue. Head here to see the permanent galleries displaying space craft, airplanes, technology and much more. They also have loads of extra exhibitions and fun filled activities, including a 360 degree flight simulator! The best time to go is the last Wednesday of each month where they open late for adults only, so you get to play with all of the tech without feeling guilty for pushing the kids out of the way!

Four Quarters – This bar come arcade in Peckham is the perfect hang out for any old school gaming nerds! The walls are lined with classic arcade games from Pac-Man to Time Crisis, and you can play them all for the bargain price of, you guessed it, a quarter! Just buy your quarters from the bar at 25p each and let the nostalgia take over as you try and beat your old top scores! The upstairs also has a number of TVs with retro video game consoles set up. Friday/Saturday nights will often see Mario Kart played on the big screen if you fancy showing off your speed!

Madame Tussauds ‘Lates’ – It’s no secret that Madame Tussauds is a tourist hotspot and family favourite, but the late opening experiences are a great way to get up close and personal with some of the geeky goodness that lurks within without the queues or the kids! As well as the expected Hollywood celebs, and royalty waxworks, there is also an entire section dedicated to Marvel characters that includes a 4D cinema experience. As if that wasn’t enough to get your geek taste buds tingling, they also have a massive Star Wars exhibit! The force is strong in this one!

Immerse yourself in iconic Star Wars scenes at Madame Tussauds

ABQ London – If you love geeking out on the latest box set, in particular AMC’s Breaking Bad, then this experience is definitely worth checking out. Get kitted out in a hazmat suit, and step inside this immersive molecular cocktail bar housed inside an RV! You’ll get the chance to mix your own cocktails using chemistry equipment and molecular techniques, and of course you’ll get to drink them afterwards too!

Four Thieves – This Clapham pub may look pretty normal when you first walk in, but find the staircase that takes you upstairs and you will find a real treasure trove of geeky goodness! The main event has to be the remote control car raceway, which requires you buy a ‘drivers licence’ then take your seat at a steering wheel overlooking the racetrack. Compete against other revellers while a commentator tells you how well, or terribly, you’re doing! You can also geek out with the latest tech and play a VR shoot ‘em up game. Great fun, scary as hell, and nice embarrassing when you take your VR headset off and see everyone looking at you!

Forbidden Planet – This list wouldn’t have been complete without a haven in which to buy all your geeky goodies! Head to Tottenham Court Road to find the store selling memorabilia from all of your favourite cult films, TV shows, comics and more. All things geek can be found in this shop, so you’re bound to find something to drain your bank balance, but replenish your soul.

This list barely scratches the surface of how much geeky fun you can have in this great city, but it shows you a broad view at just how many varied and interesting finds there are out there to be discovered! So don your most treasured cosplay, grab your backpack and head out into the unknown. May the force be with you!

Written by our Operations Co-ordinator Adam Croft, who is far too cool to be a geek himself.