Events to the Future

14 December 2012

By Michael Aldridge

Next year at Merlin Events we are hosting a promotional event called Events to the Future. We will be highlighting future trends in the Event Industry and also looking at the emotional attachment clients seem to have to retro brands.

Here at Merlin HQ a hamper of retro sweets arrived from Theme Traders, thanks chaps!! The girls and I were like kids in a toy shop, excuse the pun. All the old favourites were there Black Jacks, Flying Saucers, coloured pop corn and Fruit Salads; but wait the Fruit Salads have changed the packaging. Barratt have certainly lost the idea of the emotional attachment to retro brands.

At our event we will be looking at future trends in social media interaction, new service ideas, entertainment options; some a bit tongue in cheek I am sure.Catering presented by Dish will include retro dishes with modern twists and I am hoping for some quirky new items for you all to sample.

Now dear blog reader I send an SOS, what do you think are the future event trends and what retro brand do you have an emotional attachment to?

So do you want to travel Back to the Future with Merlin Events?If you are a buyer of events find me on LinkedIn and if you qualify we will send an invite in the New Year.