Say hello to 2016 and Hello Fresh!

03 January 2016

Want to cook like Delia or Jamie Oliver?

Have you ever found a recipe in a magazine, online or in one of the many unopened books on your shelf and endeavoured to make it only to find it costs more than your weekly shopping put together? Having scribbled the ingredients onto our shopping list and headed out to purchase the items, at the supermarket you find that the ingredients are usually only sold family-sized (what is “Super” about these shops is beyond me!). You know you will never use the 6kg of Buckwheat or the whole bulb of garlic, but because you need it for this recipe you buy the lot.

The trouble continues…
Back at home you measure out the ingredients and find you’re missing one or two. You strive to continue regardless, and do a “Delia” by laying out all the measured ingredients on little plates. Then the fun part – actually creating the dish and pretending you are a TV chef whilst you act like a pro and throw it all together – I know I am not the only one who does this!
The next big downside is that you know there will be a huge waste of leftovers and ingredients. Well fear not, mere mortal, I have a solution to all of the above, and it comes in the form of Hello Fresh.

This is a service that delivers recipes and all of the fresh ingredients to make them. No wastage, no overspend, and the ingredients are all ready to go ‘Delia style’ meaning you get to the good bit straight away. There are several companies that offer this service now, including Gousto and Riverford, but I have been using Hello Fresh for three weeks now, so here is my review.
The website is really easy to navigate and there are plenty of great offers circulating at the moment to entice you to try the Hello Fresh way (vouchers quote RBXHF5). You select three or five meals per week for two or four people and they will then deliver your box every Sunday evening. I love this part as I always forget to order food, so it is a nice surprise. Your ingredients will arrive in one box, all sealed, with cool packs inside.

The first time I opened the box I was shocked by how little there appeared to be. This had more to do with the fact that items were not over-packaged because all of the suppliers were local and organic. Inside I also found an envelope. I must admit I got quite excited as I did not have a clue what was going to be delivered or what I was going to be cooking! Inside the envelope are your menu cards with pictures and instructions, detailing the recipes, the ingredients and the methods involved. My boxes so far have consisted of various fish and meats, with one vegetarian item and a vast selection of fresh herbs and special blended spice pots. Some friends have queried what happens if you get something you don’t like, but there has been nothing to scare me – think cod, seabass, mince and pork escallops, and you can list items you don’t like beforehand. I assume if you don’t like a certain herb or vegetable you can just leave it out of the dish anyway.
All dishes take about 30min from fridge to plate. For me these 30 minutes are meditative and are my time to switch off and create something. I cook in a Mindful way which kills two birds with one stone.


The dishes are the perfect size and about 450 calories and 30g protein each – perfect for everybody. With about 12 ingredients in each dish, they have a depth of flavour and freshness I just could not be bothered to purchase and prepare normally. As well as everyday cooking for you, it makes entertaining so much easier if a friend is coming for supper. You know that you have a selection of dishes that will be ready in 30 minutes.
What I really love though is no waste. I really hate chucking food out as I am sure most of you do – I used to chuck a carrier bag of food out a week sometimes. It is really reasonably priced too – the average being £4.90 per dish, and with NO waste it is money well spent on quality ingredients that you know you will use.
We Event people are lazy, but we love fine food. I therefore think that most of you would really benefit from Hello Fresh. It’s a great concept and one which I think will grow, allowing you to leave the long shopping lists and family sized supplies behind. Embrace your inner Delia!



By Michael Aldridge