In search of Kate

31 August 2012

The Kate Factor

By Emma Greenfield, Events Manager, Merlin Events London

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On Tuesday 28th August, our Kate Factor winner Nicola Maher attended her first Royal Appointment.

Here at Merlin Events, we partnered with top entertainment agency Sternberg Clarke to find the nation’s next undiscovered Kate Middleton lookalike all via our Facebook page

Nicola Maher’s entry struck our radar straight away as she had the look and style that could rival the Duchess of Cambridge any day!

Nicola commented ‘People constantly tell me that I look like Kate, they stop me in the street and on the day of the Royal Wedding someone actually asked me if I needed to be somewhere.’

However there is more to Kate than meets the eye suggests director of Sternberg Clarke Adam Sternberg ‘Not only does Nicola look like Kate but she has the personality as well, which is as important as the look itself. For a lookalike to be convincing they need to have knowledge of the lookalike such as interests, hobbies and what they may have been up to in the current news’.

With the spotlight on London, Kate is a brilliant and relevant lookalike to have at all types of events across the city including our iconic venues. Watch our video to find out what top DMC Wedgewood Britain thought of Kate when she popped into their office for a glass of Pimms and a few snaps!

Tell us your stories about your favourite/worst look-alikes you have seen in your time in the industry, what do you think makes a good lookalike?