The London Dungeon is the home of Halloween!

27 October 2014

Every year pumpkins descend on the London Dungeon and it becomes even darker, scarier and more twisted.  Have you ever wondered who is behind this seasonal transformation and keeps the London Dungeon looking its dastardly self? We are gearing up and getting excited for Halloween here at Merlin Events so we thought we would speak to the displays team at the London Dungeon who are the creative hands behind the tricks and treats throughout the venue.  We spoke to Natalie who told us all about the team and the hard work that goes in to Halloween at the London Dungeon.

halloween 1

How many people are in your team?
There are officially 3 members of our team; Pam, Verity and myself. However during the run up to Halloween we always have a fair few freelancers and helpers, a bit like Santa’s little helpers. Displays little helpers!

Tell us something about the team that we wouldn’t know
An interesting fact about the team is that Pam and Verity do not actually like horror movies.

How do you get into this kind of job?
Verity has a background of Theatre design and Costume, Pam has a background of Costume and Fashion design and I have a background in Theatre design and a Make-Up.  Combined we have worked here for 41 years!!


How long does it take to make the London Dungeon ‘Halloween’?
We did two long night shifts to get the Halloween install completed which totals to 28 hours! The set was completed by 9.30am on the opening day, as staff were arriving for their normal day shifts.

Wow! What gets you through those long hours?halloween3
Food! 8 packets of biscuits were consumed by the team throughout the Halloween install – whoops!

Do you carve pumpkins for your Halloween display?
Yes, we carved over 350 between three of us over a couple of days! 20 cans of expanding foam were used to keep the numerous pumpkins in place around the venue.

What is your key ingredient for the Halloween install?
A whopping 2 gallons of silicone was used to create 42 slugs which were hidden around the building.  Talking of silicone; one prop made from silicone for the poison box looked so rude it could not be used!


What’s the weirdest ingredient used to create some of the displays?
BBQ sauce was the key ingredient used to create some of the ageing effects on different sets.

Looking for a unique venue for your winter party? The London Dungeon has limited availability in this season but is still available on 3rd, 5th, 6th or 8th November for your Halloween party.

Trick or treat?!

This blog was written by Rebecca Thomas on 27th October 2014