Time to move on

16 November 2012

by Michael Aldridge


Brands with a long history in a location are sometimes so integral to the location that the brand and location become one.For event venues the chance to move to another location is deemed as a benefit most of the time, new market, new venue,etc.

When I first heard that the London Dungeon was moving my main concern was as Kirsty & Phil would say Location, Location, and Location.Our Commercial Building team found a venue in County Hall which used to be the old Dali Universe, those of you who have known me for a while will know that I was part of the set up team for this rather abstract art space.So whilst this is a new Chapter for the Dungeons it’s a bit of a coming home for me. The location for a tourist attraction is perfect, 10 million footfall and for an event venue a location overlooking the Palace of Westminster and being next to the EDF London Eye our sister attraction is ideal. An Eye Experience and a horror tour can be integrated which makes for a truly unique evening for international and local guests.

The new Dungeon will be future proofed allowing us to add additional shows and give us the opportunity to take some of the well loved iconic shows and give them a redress and add some 21st century effects with a very much atraditional feel.At the same time it will add additional areas that we can use for events.

Yesterday we started Media communication about the move via the Evening Standard and today we start a Social Media Campaign ‘The Last Supper’ which will squeeze every little bit out of the sales of the Original Dungeon.

To be in with a chance of braving a scare tour at the new London Dungeon or attending our exciting launch party, connect with me on linked in and follow Merlin Events.

What’s your memory of the London Dungeons? Me personally, it scares me and I always get lost but hey that’s why people like it!