How to look glam when you’re covered in mud

20 June 2017

Is it possible to look your best at Glastonbury?  Can one look glam in mud-encrusted wellie boots?

Basically you make a choice – embrace your inner spirit animal and adopt the “festival feral” look or fight the odds to stay fresh-faced and gorgeous, even if you are in the middle of a giant farm!  Whichever one you opt for, here are our top tips to surviving, and coming out the other end looking fab.

  1. Footwear needs to be comfy and sensible (do we sound like your mum?) as you’ll be literally walking miles. Wellies are the obvious choice if it is wet (you don’t want to come back with trenchfoot) and blister packs are a must.
  2. Clothing – ignore the photos of Kate Moss and Sienna Miller floating around in floaty white frocks looking gorgeous. If you’ve not got an access-all-areas pass and a nearby hotel room then this look is slightly unrealistic.  The Daily Mail suggests keeping savvy with your clothes (this year it’s all about the Barbour) and funky with the accessories, augmented by sturdy footwear.  Bear in mind that bare legs dry quicker than jeans!
  3. Faces – fresh-faced or mud-encrusted? Forget faffing with fake eyelashes, Vicky Flip Flop suggests glitter and face paint can cover tired eyes, deathly skin and spotty faces.  According to Vanity Van glitter face art is very easy to do – simply use a little Vaseline to affix that sprinkling of glam – and spritz it with hairspray to make it extra weather-proof .
  4. Hair – your crowning glory. Right? Wrong!   It’s day two, you’ve exhausted the hat and bandana options and it has now become blatantly clear that your hair needs a wash! Vanity Van suggests simply spraying dry shampoo into the roots and rubbing in, then brushing through for a rapid festival makeover.  Other options to solve the hair crisis are washing your hair in the basins by the toilets, or visit an on-site salon like Vanity Van (book beforehand).  There are solar-powered hair straighteners on the market, or alternatively make friends with a stall holder and pay them while you plug your straighteners in.
  5. Personal hygiene – bring wet wipes by the hundreds. The Green Field shower is good, depending on the queues, although the downside according to ardiarditime is that the problem with being clean is that you notice everyone else stinks!  Alternatively the Daily Mail suggests trying a bottle of ‘muc off’ dry shower, which enables you to cleanse your whole body without the need for water. Simply rub into your skin and then wipe off with a damp flannel.

Whatever you go for wear your grass stains with pride, pin up your hair with floral clips, cover everything with glitter, and above all, enjoy!