Placement Students

21 August 2012

The Placement Year – is it worthwhile?

By Charlie Tanner

@MerlinEvents on Twitter

I can guarantee I would not be doing the job I am right now if I had not completed a placement within the ‘industry’ at Merlin Events. It’s all well and good studying Events Management at University, but I cannot stress the importance of real world experience enough – it provides a full circle view of everything that goes into organising an event.

Being venue based, I was able to see first hand the various aspects which come together and understand the value of building strong relationships between both clients and suppliers in order for an event to run. These relationships can prove invaluable when moving on to new jobs. I am now working with a caterer that I met through my placement, so I really feel strongly about the importance of holding onto these contacts!

During a placement you can make mistakes, and learn a hell of a lot from them! On a personal note, I have been taught to NEVER assume and always ask questions – both of which I’ll never forget.

When undertaking a placement you also learn subconsciously, by hearing what is going on in industry news, understanding your competitors and seeing everything first hand. This knowledge is so valuable for interviews in the ‘real world’ as the experience is not something which can be taught from a text book.

Did your placement year benefit you in finding a job post University?