The Ultimate Bucket List

14 July 2015

Life isn’t a dress rehearsal. I try and remind myself this when it feels like I am too busy to barely eat lunch. Work, especially in a fast paced career like events, can feel like it absorbs every ounce of your energy and time. When the sun is shining outside, and friends are posting pictures on social media of exotic adventures, a lack of adventure on our own lives becomes even more prominent.  It is not only travelling to foreign lands that I want to do before I leave this earth, but there are many emotions, feelings, and milestones that I want to achieve before I am too old and weary to do so. I asked around the office as to what everyone else would put on their bucket list if they were to write one, and the conversation spiralled. Not only did it inspire my colleagues to think about what they want to experience in their one special adventure on earth, but it inspired them to compile their own bucket lists. This led me to creating the ‘Ultimate’ bucket list which will hopefully inspire you to create your own and to get out there and do something this summer that you can tick off your list.

Go have an adventure!

Travel the world

Travel the world


  1. Go on a Safari – or watch The Lion King to curb your safari dreams
  2. Get all your loved ones together – because life is too short
  3. Buy a property overseas – Invest in a holiday destination
  4. Visit the 7 wonders of the world – One for the die-hard traveller. Feel free to make your own list!  



  5. Do a bungee jump – because adrenaline is the spice of life
  6. Quit your job and go backpacking – because it’s never too late
  7. Get a puppy – preferably once the travelling boxes have been ticked!
  8. Go wine tasting in Italy – if you’re going to become a pro at anything, make it WINE
  9. Climb a mountain – Or watch ‘Everest’ in September and try not to feel inspired
  10. Host the party of your dreams – whether it is a wedding, mini festival, or just an awesome party!  
    Miami Party

    Miami Party


  11. Go to a festival – the BEST thing about the British summer time – make a daisy chain, put on your wellies, and dance the summer away
  12. Go on a yoga retreat – find your zen
  13. Learn to Scuba Dive – and swim amongst the fishes
  14. Work abroad for a year – Paris, New York, Dubai, Australia… make your pick!
  15. Go whale watching – or swim with Whale Sharks (for the really adventurous!) 
    swim with whale sharks

    swim with whale sharks


  16. Travel the UK – see more of what is on offer on your doorstep
  17. Buy your first property – skimp, save, and invest in your future
  18. Run a marathon – be at your physical best and see what your body can do with persistence
  19. Sleep in a castle – what your princess dreams are made from
  20. See the Northern lights –Joanna Lumley’s documentary inspired us to feel humble under the best lighting show the world has to offer
  21. Go to one of the poles – wrap up warm and meet the polar bears 
    Pen Hadow at the North Pole

    Pen Hadow at the North Pole


  22. Travel route 66 – in a convertible!
  23. Learn to surf in Hawaii – because if all else fails you can drink ten Mai Tais afterwards!
  24. Volunteer! – Help a cause worthwhile
  25. Visit the amazon – because it’s AMAZING
  26. Eat sushi in Japan – or learn to make it if you want to really impress
  27. Visit every continent – what an achievement!
  28. Go on a hot air balloon ride – breathe deeply, close your eyes, and let go! 
    Hot Air Balloon Ride

    Hot Air Balloon Ride


  29. Adopt a child – or an animal, and protect and love someone little who needs it
  30. Go to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon – get married if you dare!
  31. Further your education – learn something new, and study something you love
  32. See a live blues band in New Orleans – and let your cool side prevail
  33. Learn to ski – make the most of the winter
  34. Befriend a stranger – there are too many lonely people in the world. Make a difference!
  35. Dance the night away in Berlin – because we were born to dance 
    Party in Berlin

    Party in Berlin


  36. Go on the London Eye – if you haven’t, do it!
  37. Plant a tree – and leave a lasting mark on the Earth
  38. Have dinner at the Ritz, London – the most decadent place on your doorstep
  39. Visit the spot where your favourite author wrote one of their novels – get into their mind
  40. Go camping – pack some marshmallows and watch out for the bears!
  41. Visit the Mayan pyramids – because they’re older than the Egyptians 
    Mayan Pyramid

    Mayan Pyramid


  42. Learn to meditate – and calm your mind
  43. Have a romantic weekend in Paris and put a love lock on the Pont des Arts bridge – because love is life
  44. Surprise someone you love – fly across the world, throw them a party, take them on an adventure with you!
  45. Learn a new language – Mandarin, anyone?
  46. Go skinny-dipping – you are never too old to bare all under the moon and stars!
  47. Pursue your dream – write that novel, play guitar with a band, change career
  48. Go on a tour of Hollywood and visit the sunset boulevard –pretend to be famous for a while 
    the Hollywood sign

    the Hollywood sign


  49. Conquer your biggest fear – scared of flying? Time to travel the world!
  50. Create a coffee table memory book – with all the photos you are about to take!


Some of these things may take you ten years to tick off, some you might not do until you retire, there are a few London ideas on this bucket list however which you can definitely tick off this summer. And if you aren’t the travelling type then why not make your own UK based bucket list?

Feel free to add, edit, update, and make your own bucket list, and more importantly: get out there and start DOING.


by Emily Bloor