The Secret Behind the Scare

25 October 2012

By Victoria Fawcus-Robinson, Events Administrator

We are really excited for tomorrow’s Halloween Party at the SEA LIFE London Aquarium which will feature a scare maze with live actors from London’s chamber of horrors! In preparation we have tracked down Nathan Plant and Gyles Figura-Drane, two of the actors who are trained to scare the life out of you at Madame Tussauds Chamber of Horrors!

Q: Tell us, what is your secret behind the perfect scare?

“It’s about having the right blend of elements; a backdrop of dark mysteriousness and completely believable characters with convincing make-up that chill you on sight!”

“My personal favourite scare is the surprise element, creating uneasiness, building up tension and then using a distraction scare. One of our actors simply stares at the ‘victim’ whilst another then pounces with an actual scare!”

Q: So who do you choose to pick on to unleash your more startling scares?

“Definitely those who are just a bit too self-assured and confident!There’s nothing like people seeing a clearly scared, big macho guy, for ensuring they and everyone else will be terrified.On the other hand, it is fun to scare those who are already showing a sign of nervousness – we’re not completely without mercy!”

Q: What do you do to get into character?

“The very realistic make up definitely helps. I also feed off my fellow actors and the audience we have in, I am aware of them and adjust my character accordingly.Being an actor I enjoy storytelling through a physical performance.”

Q: Do you have any advice for your unsuspecting victims?

“Embrace the experience and enjoy it! Don’t take it too seriously; there is humour in the darkness!

So, are you brave enough to face the lost souls at this year’s spine-chilling Halloween party?All of this is happening at the amazing venue of SEA LIFE London Aquarium and you can still get your tickets for just £20 on the door.

What is your most memorable Halloween story?