Top 10 Reasons to go VIP for 90 minutes at Madame Tussauds

18 July 2014

VIP experiences are a great way to see Merlin’s top attractions with an exclusive twist. Available before the attraction opens or after it closes to the daytime public, prices start from just £36.

Here are our top 10 reasons to go VIP:

1 – Feel like a star, walk the red carpet and rub shoulders with Hollywood’s finest celebrities


2 – Feel refreshed with drinks on arrival including sparkling wine for evening experiences


3 – Get a black cab back to the great fire of London on the Spirit of London Ride, a 7 minute ride through London’s history.


4 – Get papped with the World’s most famous boyband One Direction

One Direction

5 – Confirm your suspicions of how big Shrek really is


6 – Pull a pose with Usain and pretend you could give him a run for his money, 10 seconds for 100 metres – EASY!


7 – Try and pinch Will’s from Kate (Harry’s also available)

Duke & Duchess waxworks

8 – Get down to business with Barack Obama in the White House (not that kind of business, cheeky!)


9 – Scare yourself witless in the Chamber of Horrors


10 –Share all your photo’s on social media so your friends are impressed with how many great stars you met in such a short space of time!oscars

Find out more about VIP experiences at Madame Tussauds.