What Mothers Day Means To You…

17 March 2015

#UKBA15 shortlisted

#UKBA15 shortlisted

Mothering Sunday is a day of universal appreciation for our mums. Because it is such a hugely advertised day we tend to get lost in the commercial crush and of what marketing campaigns tell us that mother’s day should mean. In actual fact it still remains a very personal day, and is unique to each and every one of us. Whether we have a strong relationship with our mother, only communicate on such occasions, or have sadly lost our mother, Mother’s Day can be so different and mean such a different thing from person to person. I feel that it is as much for the fathers as it is for the children, as a mutual way to celebrate Mum. My mother and father, still being together, represent a unison that created a mother – and made an ordinary woman into a mum. I think it is a special day therefore for a father to show his appreciation for that woman who bore his children, as much as it is a day for the child to show their appreciation too.

Regardless of age, gender or class, many of us become this same sweetly innocent child when offering a card or box of chocolates to their Mum on Mother’s Day. Note my brother, for instance: a big, thirty-something, beer-drinking male, who on Mothering Sunday produced a large bouquet of flowers with a huge grin on his face, and was for a slither of a moment just a little kid again, knowing he had done good. For me, my gift to Mum, along with the girlie gifts of hand-creams and socks, was giving my Mum the gift of time together. This is as precious for me as it is for her, as for many years I have been so far away from her on other continents. I know that spending some girl-time together is as much, if not more appreciated than a bottle of perfume from me. This year we went for Saturday night supper, baked cakes, and walked the dogs, and that was our Mother’s Day, and what the idea of Mothering Sunday means to us – my Mum and me. For her and my brother, it is having that moment of nostalgia where for a second he is that grubby-faced little kid again.

Asking around the events team about Mother’s Day, every person knew instantly what it meant to them, and each of us had such different Sundays. Becky took her Mum to the beach for fish and chips, as this is what was special to them. Sophie said that Mother’s Day for her meant doing something a little bit different for her Mum, and showing her how much she appreciates her this way. Gareth said that for him, Mother’s day is the one day in the year that his Mam allows herself to be spoiled by him, and that he always tries to surprise her with nice gifts and visits home.

Online, social media was buzzing with childhood pictures and snaps of celebs with their Mums, and was a lovely happy day to be online!

What Mother’s Day means to each of us is so very different, and for every mother and child, and mother and partner out there, Mother’s Day means something unique to us. For others Mother’s Day takes on a completely different meaning, and is in fact a celebration of their life or a reminder of who they were. Mrs Atwwah, who writes the blog ‘Around the World with a High Chair’ told a poignant story about her Mum on her blog, and it makes us each hold our own mothers a little closer this weekend. Her mother suffers from dementia, and although she is still living, her presence has become something completely different from what it once was: read the article here.

Whether child or adult, a celebrity or an event manager, on Mother’s Day we all come together to celebrate Mum. Whatever that might mean to us.

Written by Emily Bloor