“And the winner is…” When Awards Ceremonies go well

22 December 2017


Sports Personality of the Year, what happened there? Poor Mo Farah! One minute he was there, the next it was a blue screen and quick cut to the credits as the awards ended! He didn’t even get the chance to say thank you. What a nightmare for everyone involved after all the hard work, planning, time and energy that went into putting those award ceremonies together. It’s no mean feat. That’s why we think it’s important to make it as simple and straightforward as possible so that such calamities can be avoided.

Madame Tussauds is no stranger to hosting award ceremonies, in fact the venue is pretty perfect for such occasions in central London for 50-380 people. Much of what organisers need for awards is integral to the venue, which takes all the pain and hassle out of the organising so that planners can concentrate on the important bit, which is the guests and how the awards will run. It’s such a fun venue as well. As there is constant investment to keep it new and exciting, returning clients will always be able to enjoy something different and trust me, guests never get tired of taking selfies with our celebrities, it’s a never-ending source of entertainment! There is also a stage specifically created for awards to ensure that everyone can see, even at the back.

Because Tussauds has all the theming built in, there’s no need to add more if you don’t want to. It’s fun, busy and has its own great vibe, there’s plenty to look at! All the audio and event lighting are integral to the venue and can be any colour to augment branding. Screens are in all the rooms and can be used for logos, sponsors, branding or award categories. You could even use a live link and a videographer to show the award winners as they collect their trophies to add the ultimate production WOW factor.

There’s a carefully selected list of London’s best caterers and entertainment agencies to choose from, and we know that none of the award ceremonies would be complete without a red carpet so we make sure that one is included so that everyone feels special when they arrive.

We’ve learned through plenty of experience what makes a great ceremony as our lovely clients from Vita Biotics, Ernst & Young LLP and the Post Office will testify. Check out their reviews here. And see what your event could look like here.