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What do event agents really think of event venues?

08 January 2014

In Q4 of 2013, Merlin Venues decided to ask event agents a few key questions about what they thought of our venues. Some of the answers are relevant to the entire event venue industry so we thought we would share them with you, our Blog followers. 250 agent respondents answered the questionnaire and here are just some of our key findings:


Over 80% had not visited our venues!

This figure did indeed surprise us. Despite targeting our showcase events and multiple VIP champagne tours at event agents, many people have not visited us as an event venue.

88% had not visited the London Dungeon since we opened the new attraction near the EDF London Eye

86% had not visited Madame Tussauds in the past year so these agents were not aware of our current One Direction figures or our recently refurbished Party space

85% had not visited the Sea Life London Aquarium



78% like to do a site visit between 10am and 4pm

78% like to do a site visit between 10am -4pm which is not ideal for those of us who operate in high footfall attractions. We have created site visit videos which are an ideal way for clients to get a taste for the venue before they book a site visit.


36% would rather come and see our in their own time with their family

Our next question was what type of promotional event they most enjoy and are most likely to attend. The answers are quite interesting:

7%          Breakfast Tour

27%        Evening VIP Tour

36%        family VIP tour

30%        Full production evening party

When attending an evening event, they prefer popping in for an hour 6pm -7pm with cocktails, which saves us venues money on these big production parties.  However, we started run family tours pre- opening during half term, we keep the kids entertained whilst the adults have a look around. This ticks two boxes, work and personal for what are busy event professionals.

Discounts drive clients and agents

We asked what item could encourage the agent and client confirm with us:

Discount price 53.9%

Complimentary upgrades 12.9%

More commission 33.2%

2013 was discount led, which in part has driven venues and suppliers to be more competitive and also question all processes to ensure the client gets the highest standard of service but at the best price. This is not always easy.

40% of agents only earn commission on the contracted amount from venues

We asked agents what is the average amount of commission they received and most stated 10% followed by 8% with 60% of agents earning commission on the final invoice and 40% on contracted business.


Have you asked your agents what they think of your venue? Maybe it’s time!


    Conference/MeetingDinnerPartyAwardsChristmas PartyTeam Building

    Riverside RoomsLondon DungeonMadame TussaudsSea LifeShrek's AdventureLondon EyeMovies at Madame TussaudsThe Bear Grylls AdventureI'm not sure

    £5,000 - £10,000£10,000 - £20,000£20,000 - £30,000£30,000 - £40,000£40,000+