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Great Reasons to Dive into SEALIFE After Dark

19 May 2014

After several action packed sellout events, the SEALIFE After Dark is back and opening its doors exclusively for another VIP late night opening! Here are some fantastic reasons to jump in and join the party!

 1.       Grab your beach balls and a bucket & spade, get ready for the paparazzi! Smile for a photo as soon as you arrive at the venue and download it from Facebook the following day – what a treat.

 2.       Steel yourself to walk over the glass walkway with sharks swimming inches below your feet! Make sure you don’t fall in because sharks constantly lose and regrow new teeth to make sure they are always able to catch their food. Sharks also have skin that is covered in thousands of tiny teeth known as dermal denticles – weird!

 3.      What would be the perfect way to arrive at the SEALIFE After Dark….? Getting a complimentary glass of bubbles, of course! It’s a great way to start your evening and there will be plenty more opportunities to get a drink later too.

 4.      There are over 200 tanks filled with marine life from around the world at the SEALIFE London Aquarium, and you get to explore them all night long. Can you guess how many species we have? I lost count!

 5.     You can see the starfish with your own two eyes whilst they stare back with their FIVE EYES – they can be found on the tip of each arm!!  Starfish also eat large food by pushing their stomach out through their mouth and digesting it outside their body!

 6.       Learn about our Cuban crocodile in the rainforest area, just be sure to keep your fingers to yourself!! 

 7.       Visit our Gentoo Penguins, whether they are playing, running, swimming or diving they are great fun to watch with a drink in hand.

 8.      Pull up a seat and enjoy chilling out after a walk around the aquarium with food and drink available for purchase.

 9.       Dotted around the venue will be members of the aquarium team just bursting with fishy facts to tell you – get involved and ask them a question.

 10.   One of the best reasons for coming along to the SEALIFE After Dark is that it’s an over 18’s event. This means that you can take your time to look around at your leisure without being pulled from squid to shark by your kids!  


I hope this little taster gives you a good feel for the SEALIFE After Dark. We hope to see you there!!

Written by Gareth McTiffin (Friday 16th May 2014)


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