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Christmas Events Without Magic

18 October 2012

by Michael Aldridge Merlin Events London

The venue has been booked the catering may have been chosen, now what else do you need to give your Christmas Party Magic?  It’s too easy to book a hotel or a marquee, and to then rely on a theme which may consist of some back drops and few props and usually an impressive dance floor but not much else.  It’s too easy and safe to fall into the trap – what have we done in the past.  Is a sit down meal right for an organisation with mixed age groups or would themed food shows and pockets of different entertainment that appeal to a cross section of guests work better?   I find clients still like to play it safe as they don’t want to upset the CEO.  However in my experience, once clients jump out of their comfort zone they never look back.  Drinks reception, a seated dinner, dancing and getting drunk may have worked in the past.  Now I think clients need to appeal to all guests, there are so many different dietary requirements and non- drinkers of alcohol due to lifestyle and religious beliefs. This is why added extras of some classics such as fortune tellers, games and mind readers and magicians can add experiences that all guests will enjoy.

This brings me on to our Magic Month we are running with Sternberg Clarke during October.  Take a look on our Merlin Channel to see how 3 Magician’s have created their tricks to integrate with our highly themed venues: We will be running a competition to win a magician at your office soon.

Keep an eye out for our next blog which will have some great offers for guests during the Autumn and Holiday season.

Let us know, what entertainment have you used that has worked really well for Christmas?


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