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8 Insider Tips For Organising The Perfect Corporate Event in London

12 February 2019

Our team at Merlin Events are without doubt amongst the most experienced event planners in London. They organise hundreds of events for thousands of satisfied guests every year. Each year the team put together their top tips and resolutions for event planning to make sure any corporate event they organise goes off with a bang – and this year we’re passing them straight on to you! Here’s what they told us about what they think will make for a perfect corporate event planner in 2019:

#1 “Stop doing the ‘annoying’ little tasks last and do them first, so no avoiding or procrastinating”

It’s so easy to do the fun stuff first and keep being distracted by the creative and enjoyable parts of event management. But keeping on top of all the small but vital tasks is crucial to ensuring a smooth event. In 2019 we’re going to be doing them first – not last.

#2 “Keep your inbox tidy. I always try to keep my inbox tidy to prioritise and not miss anything important”.

We’re all drowning under emails just now. One research report says we spend up to 28% of our day just managing our inbox. Keeping on top of it and filing and dealing with anything as it comes in is going to really improve efficiency this year.

#3 “This year I’m resolving to think outside the box for my clients and continue to improve my creative skills when designing events!”

Lateral thinking, brain storming, looking for inspiration in unlikely places. Our team told us they’re going to be employing the full spectrum of techniques to ensure our events are more creative and memorable than ever before.

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#4 “I have a folder with info on all my events with tick boxes for all the different tasks involved. This helps me keep up to speed with outstanding details when things get busy!”

If you’re in event planning it’s a given that you’re someone who loves to be organised, but this tip from one of our top event planners might just hone those organisational skills even more. And who doesn’t love the satisfaction of seeing lots of lovely ticked tick boxes on a list?

#5 “I’m resolving to be more confident in my decisions in 2019. I am usually happy with ‘either or’ but then doubt not choosing the other option and I end up feeling stressed. I’m definitely going to try and adapt a more confident approach during work!”

Having confidence in your abilities and decisions isn’t always easy but looking back on all those occasions where you’ve made the right decision (and had lots of very happy guests as a result) will really help build this this year.

#6 “I’m going to be more certain with my decisions and not reflect back on the other options once a decision has been made. I’ll be reassuring myself by recalling all the positive reasons why I chose this approach.”

Hand-in-hand with confidence in decision making is being able to remind yourself just why it was the best approach for the problem or challenge further down the line. Nothing beats laying out a good ‘pros and cons’ list on a sheet of paper to refer back to later.

#7 “I’m going to be reading an event industry blog per day to keep up with trends and blogging topics.”

There are some great blogs in our industry – we’d like to think this is one! – getting outside inspirations from others working in the same field can only be a good thing. In 2019 our event organisers are going to be doing lots more of this.

#8 “I’ve recently started using OneNote to organise my thoughts, to-do lists and long term projects for 2019 – give it a go!”.

We love this tip for a specific software tool that’s working for one of the top performers in our team. You heard it here first!

We hope some of these tips are going to help your smash your event management role in 2019. To discuss organising your corporate event in London at any of our top London attractions please get in touch. One of our corporate event specialists would love to chat through options with you.


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