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The Latest Party Food Trends for London Events

18 June 2019

Seasoned talk about the latest food trends and what will work well within the Merlin venue collection.

At Seasoned, as corporate event specialists, we are finding that events are increasingly design and experientially-led. Guests expect more than just a good plate of food. How that food is served, what it is served on and the whole event experience are all key factors. The Merlin venues offer a great canvas for creativity, themed and styled catering and drinks. Whether that is a “floating eyeball” cocktail on arrival at the London Dungeon, a stylish table design with sea items and beautiful greens / blues at SEA LIFE London Aquarium or a movie and celebrity themed menu at Madame Tussauds, there are a lot of opportunities to complement the great style and entertainment included with the hire of the Merlin venues.

Interactive service and a strong theme are still as popular as they have been over the past five years or so. This might mean a chef on a buffet stand talking to guests about the food he is serving to them, or a station allowing guests to put together their own dish exactly how they want it (a current  favourite  is the doughnut wall where guests can top and decorate them as they would like). Whatever way you think would best suit your guests, Seasoned have a wide variety of great options available to achieve this interactive element for events, whether that is one simple station alongside a bowl food event, or an elaborate collection of different culinary treats on styled stations.

Corporate Event Specialists: Seasonedevents_colourfulplateDietary requirements, and in particular veganism, continue to be a focal point for events. It is brilliant that we are able to identify and then produce a delicious meal for everyone, regardless of their dietary needs, so that guests no longer have to “go without” but have something specifically made for them. At Seasoned, as corporate event specialists, we are used to working with our clients to simplify what can appear to be complicated, by offering delicious menu ideas from the start that are suitable for a number of dietary requirements, stopping guests feeling like they are missing out or not getting as good a meal as other guests at the event.

The final trend that we are seeing a lot, both in corporate and private events, are sharing dishes. Whilst having a sharing starter, particularly for private events, has been around for a while, we are seeing enquiries where all three courses are sharing options. This offers the guests a larger variety of dishes to choose from and is a more informal way to enjoy an event; a move that many clients are looking to achieve.


Coffee is also a big hitter and finding a skilled barista will make great espresso for your guests, with latte art to die for. This isn’t your usual coffee and a biscuit. But a post dinner coffee experience can be the making of a stunning catering experience.

We are happy to discuss including any of the above ideas in your next event, or if you have any other ideas of what you want to achieve for your event, please get in touch. One of our corporate event specialists would love to chat through options with you.


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