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Top 10 tips on how to organise a good Dinner event

05 June 2014

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1 Use Eventbrite to manage the guest list? It’s free, very easy to use and a great way to collate this information

2 Use established venues. Everyone loves to use new venues but I have heard so many horror stories of venues going bankrupt, being converted into offices or not having the correct licenses. We have some of the most unique venues in London, and not only that, Madame Tussauds has itself been established since 1835.

3 Negotiate. Especially if your event is not happening on a peak date, such as a Thursday. Proactive venues will offer you a discount for a Monday & Tuesday, others will not

4 Put your table plan in alphabetical order, surname first! Ideally table plans will be in alphabetical order. I strongly suggest avoiding name places cards on the table. Scanning for your table in a sea of 400 names can be very time consuming

5 Think about tables! Round tables of 5ft or 5ft6 are the best for social talking. Any larger than this and it is difficult to engage with everyone at the table

Dinners at Madame Tussauds

6 Don’t block heads with the wrong shape table centres These should not act as a block across the table. Again this makes it easy for guests to chat with those around the table. Most good florists or light installers will appreciate this

7 Keep your guests entertained. Having some form of entertainment during dinner can lift the room and give it a shot of energy. Dance acts, opera singers, west end performers etc all work; it really depends on your audience

8 Double check that your guests are not up for a party! Dinners without the dancing are great for predominantly male groups or client entertaining, however, if it’s a party or celebration then maybe your guests will anticipate dancing. It’s gauging your guests pre-event that is key

9 Communicate the menu early on. Especially important when dietary requirements are known, as these can become VERY time consuming. Be proactive and have a vegetarian option and other key dietary requirements i.e. halal or kosher on the menu when you send out details. It also makes the guests feel engaged from the start

10 Is the venue easy to get to for the guests? Is it easy to arrange taxis at the end? if not, are you organising accommodation? If you’re not, it may be a good idea to negotiate a rate with a local hotel and communicate this when sending out the invites



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