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10 Top Tips for Organising a Day Delegate Event

24 February 2016

From full-scale conferences to strategy meetings and team days, what is the magic formula to organising a successful day delegate event? We reveal all with our 10 top tips.

1. Choose your venue wisely

Your biggest decision when planning a day delegate event is choosing the right venue. When looking at potential locations, take the time to ask yourself some important questions. Do you need plenty of natural light to inspire creativity? Should the venue be unforgettable and atmospheric? Does the space need to be flexible? How much help do you need from the on-site events team?

2. What’s included in the cost?

Day delegate packages are charged at a cost per person, but what’s included within this price? With a budget to work to, you should be clear on the details before committing to a venue and event package. Do you need refreshments, food and conferencing facilities? Does the cost guarantee exclusive use of the space?

3. Plan your space

Your event space needs to be flexible, allowing you to scale up and down according to the number of guests or the format of the day. To ensure the event runs smoothly, pre-plan the use of your space in conjunction with the venue. What style of seating do you need? How many meeting rooms are required? Where will the break-out areas be located?

4. Carefully select dates and times

Day delegate events are best kept within working hours, ensuring minimum disruption to your guests’ day. When picking a date, double-check that it doesn’t clash with a major event – such as a big sports match or a planned strike – that could impact attendance.

5. Provide clear directions

When sending out invites, provide clear directions and advice for public transport to make sure your staff or guests can find the venue without any hassle. The easier you can make their lives, the better.

6. Create a theme for your event

Day delegate events are not always associated with a ‘theme’, but this can be a powerful way to build buzz and anticipation about the day. Centre the event around a topical subject matter or corporate challenge to gain attention and spark enthusiasm.

7. Plan the perfect menu

Food is a talking point for any event, and rightfully so. Make sure your staff or guests are well-fed with a tasty and nutritious menu to fuel them throughout the day.

8. Ensure guests have their creature comforts

Spanning eight or more hours, be mindful that your guests will need some creature comforts to fully enjoy the day. Provide great coffee, a selection of teas, refreshing cold drinks and plenty of nibbles for sustenance, along with breakout areas where your guests can recharge.

9. Get feedback

At the end of the day, ask attendees for their honest feedback via an anonymous paper or online form. Use this insight to hone your future day delegate event planning.

10. Encourage follow-up

The positive impact of a great conference, team day or company meeting will be felt long after the event itself. Extend the influence of your day delegate event with follow-up meetings, informal networking or a dedicated LinkedIn Group for further discussion and debate. The more chatter, the better!

Day delegate event theatre layout at Riverside Rooms London

Theatre layout for day delegate events at the Riverside Rooms, London


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    Riverside RoomsLondon DungeonMadame TussaudsSea LifeShrek's AdventureLondon EyeMovies at Madame TussaudsThe Bear Grylls AdventureI'm not sure

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