Mixing Magic with Charity at the Riverside Rooms Opening

Mixing Magic with Charity at the Riverside Rooms Opening

15 July 2023

We’re absolutely delighted to share with you the big news from Merlin Venues! On the 14th of June, 2023, we lifted the curtain on our newest event space, the Riverside Rooms, nestled within County Hall on the picturesque South Bank of London. Not only did we unveil a stunning new venue, but we also launched a brand-new charitable initiative that holds a special place in our hearts.

From this day forward, every event booked at any of our London venues will contribute £1 per cover to one of two remarkable charities: the Sea Life Trust and Merlin’s Magic Wand. But we didn’t stop there. Companies that wish to contribute more can opt to increase the donation amount. And for our clients interested in digging a little deeper, we’re happy to provide information about these charities and the opportunities for partnering or volunteering with them.

Our Riverside Rooms, boasting unrivalled views of the Thames, Houses of Parliament, and the Lastminute.com London Eye, offer much more than a backdrop. These are versatile spaces that can accommodate all sorts of events, from corporate dining and party extravaganzas to conferences and workshops. Dressed in elegant oak panelling and bathed in natural light, the Riverside Rooms provide a uniquely classy setting for both daytime and evening events. And let’s not forget about the VIP experiences and additional event spaces that you and your guests can enjoy at some of London’s most popular attractions.

A few visitors enjoying the Riverside Rooms launch party

Photo by Tom Dingley

We launched our initiative during an unforgettable night attended by over 150 guests. The night kicked off with an exclusive London Eye Champagne and canapé experience, followed by the grand unveiling of the Riverside Rooms. The atmosphere was electric, filled with mesmerising entertainment, food, and drinks. But the star of the evening was the introduction of our charitable initiative. As Zoe Ward, our Head of Sales, remarked, we truly believe in the importance of corporate social responsibility and are committed to making a positive impact. And with this initiative, we’ve created an avenue for our clients to contribute to two fantastic causes.

We’re really excited about our partnership with the Sea Life Trust and Merlin’s Magic Wand, both of which do fantastic work both globally and locally. The Sea Life Trust, among other things, funds the Beluga Whale Sanctuary, the world’s first open water sanctuary for Beluga whales. Their work helps to put an end to the exploitation of these majestic creatures, giving them a more natural home.

Merlin’s Magic Wand is on a mission to deliver magical experiences to children and families facing challenges. With attractions spread across the globe, they offer Magical Days Out, allowing families in difficult circumstances to visit a chosen Merlin attraction for free. Funds collected from our venues will assist Merlin’s Magic Wand in reaching their ambitious goal of delivering three million magical experiences by 2025.

Booking an event at one of our venues now means more than just securing a unique space. It means making a difference and contributing to these fantastic causes. We’re thrilled about the positive support and feedback we received at the launch, and we can’t wait to see the significant impact this initiative will have.

If you’re interested in learning more about our partner charities, head over to the websites of Merlin’s Magic Wand and the SEA LIFE TRUST.

At Merlin Venues, we’re not just providing event spaces; we’re making a difference. And we invite you to join us in this journey. See you at one of our venues!


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