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Mobile friendly event apps that we learnt about at social media week

29 September 2014

Guidebook – a must for all events

Founded 3 years ago in Silicon Valley (of course), this is one seriously cool event app that will transform your attendee’s experience of your event.

Event attendees can be frustrated when they cannot find the information they need before, during and after the event. As event organisers, it is also challenging for us to communicate this information in a smooth and consistent way, it often happens across a variety of channels including email, website and social media.

Guidebook pulls that process together for you and gives you a cost effective way of creating a mobile guide for your event.

A fully customisable app, our favourite highlights include:

Interactive venue and floor plans:

Show attendee’s a detailed guide of your event with an interactive venue map.

Image feeds for social media hashtags:

Attendees can find all socially shared images within the app under your event hashtag

Organised agenda

Create a detailed agenda and allow users to search for sessions

Searchable exhibitor directory and speaker profiles

Learn about the event presenters and where to find them.

Messaging and Attendee Feedback

Send push messages to your attendees to keep them up to date. You can also collect pre event feedback via surveys.

For more information, check out the demo here

Slido – a favourite for product launches and conferences

Waiting for the microphone assistant to charge across the room to the guest with their hand up in a Q&A can sometimes be a little awkward. Speed up the Q&A process with interactive Q&A app Slido.

How does it work?

Guests will be directed to the website.

Each event guest can be given a unique event code to type in which will take them to the Q&A page where they can ask a question. If they don’t wish to disclose their name they can keep their name anonymous.

Incoming questions can be moderated before appearing live on the main screen. The presenter can also host live polls which is great for getting to know more about your audience.


We think this app is spot on for product launch events and conferences.

Eventbrite – some facts and figures

It’s not a secret that we love Eventbrite here at Merlin Events London.  It’s a great tool for planning, marketing and delivering your event. Last week they shared some great stats with us that we thought we’d share with you. These stats come from Eventbrite research and are not event type specific.

  • 53% of social media activity surrounding an event happens before the event itself
  •  Twitter is still the best sales social media tool for commercial events, offering £6.13 ticket revenue towards your event per retweet. Facebook comes in at £3.30 and Linked In at a mere 15p for social shares.

What are the latest mobile and social advances that you have experienced in event planning, how are they helping you market and deliver your events?

This blog was written by Emma Greenfield on Monday 29th September 2014.



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