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Planning a Summer party to remember

01 June 2022

Although we’re just at the start of Summer, before you know it the nights will be drawing in and everyone will be thinking about Christmas, so if you haven’t planned your Summer party yet, now’s the time.


While you don’t need an excuse to throw a party, Summer is a great reason to get everyone together, especially as it feels like the first Summer in a while with no restrictions in place. People have slowly started returning to the office whilst some still remain at home, so getting your employees and teams together to celebrate seems more valuable than ever.


Whether you’re planning for next year or looking for a last-minute celebration, the checklist is the same.



Choosing a venue that has easily accessible transport links is important, especially if there’s not going to be transport provided. You might be looking for an outdoor venue but with the British weather unpredictable at best, choosing a venue where you can bring the Summer sunshine inside is key. Some venues have no character so there’s not much to build on if budget and time are low, so choosing somewhere that won’t take much ‘decorating’ can certainly be an added bonus.


Merlin Recommends: Madame Tussauds London

Our newly renovated World Stage space at Madame Tussauds gives all the festival feel you’d want from a Summer party. It’s an event space like no other and is the perfect space for large corporate events, dinners, and awards ceremonies, with a capacity up to 1,000.



It’s fair to say you don’t go to many parties where there’s no entertainment and although you’d hope your guests would mingle and chat, sometimes that little extra something is needed to get the party started. Whether that’s a DJ, magician, games, or a photo booth, adding entertainment in some form always eases people into a relaxed, feel-good vibe, and definitely creates a talking point.


Merlin Recommends: The London Dungeon

Ok, so not quite a typical Summer theme, but as far as entertainment goes, it’s a venue that has you covered! With the option to choose a variety of event packages that include full-on 360 degree sets with gripping storytelling, 19 interactive shows, 20 live actors, 1,000 years of history, state of the art theming and special effects, 2 thrilling underground rides and plenty of sights, sounds, smells, smiles, screams and stories (try saying that all in one go!), guests can enjoy a truly immersive Dungeon experience. Now that’s entertainment!



Now, this one is often as important as the venue you chose! Bold statement, but one we stand by. It’s not just about the menu on offer, but also about the type of food you want for your event and what’s best suited for the theme. Are you after a three-course dinner with reception drinks, or a more relaxed bowl food and canape selection?

On top of the style of food, you also need to consider the budget, theme, and all-important dietary requirements of your guests. If you can’t ask each individual employee about their specific dietary requirements, then it’s best to play it safe by making sure there’s a wide variety on offer – including being mindful of allergens such as nuts, dairy, and gluten.


Merlin Recommends: All Merlin Venues

The Seasoned team caters at all our Merlin venues and will design menus for you using the finest, local, and seasonal ingredients, taking into consideration your guests’ dietary requirements and your desired menu. They also offer their meticulous expertise in planning events so can help you out with more than just the menu. They’re a friendly bunch, so are always happy to answer any questions you may have.



When planning a party, it is of course best to start as early as possible, however, you’ll still be able to find venues with last-minute availability.


Get in touch with the Merlin team to find out our venue availability for Summer 2022 and beyond. Email or phone us on 020 7487 0224 (Monday to Friday 9.30-17.30).


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