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5 Ways to Make your Corporate Event Memorable

15 April 2022

Do you have an event coming up? We know it can be challenging organising a successful event for your colleagues that both suits them and your bosses.

At the same time, it can be very rewarding. If successful, people are going to talk about it for a long time, you’ll be a hit with your teammates and senior management and it’s a chance to show off your skills such as attention to detail, creativity and budget management. Corporate fun days and team parties can be a very effective way of boosting moral, team building and getting everyone together that may never usually cross paths.


Choose a Perfect Venue

A venue isn’t just a space. Choosing the right one is a very important part of the organising process. A venue should be compatible with the purpose of your event, your ideas and expectations. It sets the tone and the scale of the event – even before people have even walked through the doors. A known venue with a ‘wow factor’ can be enough to create a real buzz when they receive the invite, so it needs to be chosen carefully.

There are quite a few things to consider. The first is venue capacity. How many people are invited? How many of those will attend? Does your venue of choice cater for both the higher end and lower end of your attendee numbers? There will always be last minute RSVPs or people that suddenly can’t attend? Is there any capacity limit in your chosen venue? Do you need just one large space or small reception rooms? These are all important questions when researching and speaking to a party venue.

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Create a Special Atmosphere

In order to make an event memorable and unusual, you have to create a special atmosphere. Well, how do you do that, where do you start? Consider stylish decorations, audio-visual effects, LED lights and music that will set the mood. Everything from the style of furniture to lighting to architecture contributes to the atmosphere. If you want to save your money and time on planning, then consider the venues which already have a specific atmosphere, theme, decorations and equipment. Does the venue speak for itself? Some spaces are so unique, you don’t need any additional décor or props.


Create an Enjoyable Experience

Creating an event your colleagues don’t forget will leave a lasting impression and can do a lot to make an employee feel part of something special. Studies have shown that emotions have an effect on the memory. People in positive mood are more likely to remember information presented to them, while people with negative emotions are less likely to remember information. If you wish to support and improve company morale, particularly after a tough couple of years for all, their experience should be exciting.  One way of doing this is creating a theme for your event? It’s fun and can encourage each guest play their part in making the event as enjoyable as possible.

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Be Interactive

Let’s play! Corporate events can often break down the divisions between the employees and various departments. Consider creating a game’s area – team building activities will not only bring your event to life, but will help to build team relationships. Solving group problems together will help to improve their teamwork skills and communicate with people that may not usually interact with on a daily basis. Or you can go down the completely opposite route and create some friendly competition and team rivalry by involving games and competitions. Either option will definitely contribute in making your event as memorable as possible.

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Consider Quality Food and Drinks

Did somebody say food? It’s a vital part of any event, most of us make a beeline for the food selection or salivate at the menu in front of us and as they say, one of the best ways to a person’s heart is through their stomach!

As well as offering high quality, delicious food, it’s important to keep in mind any dietary requirements. Make sure you are aware of your guests’ food allergies, intolerances and cultural preferences prior to the event. A possible option to please all is having different food stations at your event to provide your guests with a bigger choice.

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Merlin Venues

We have a range of unusual and fun event venues in London and Brighton that will definitely help you to create the desired atmosphere, experience and interactive moment for your corporate event. All our venues will create that feeling of entering another world and will make that incredible first impression unforgettable. Our event spaces include unique experiences. You can find out more about our venues here.

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