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The Perfect Christmas Party Recipe

17 October 2017

Have you had the Christmas wake up call yet?  You feel as if you’re doing well getting to grips with Autumn and those sleepy dark mornings, and then it happens. You realise there’s no putting it off any longer – you’ve got to organise THE OFFICE CHRISTMAS PARTY.  As Eventbrite acknowledges, office Christmas Parties can appear to be a real minefield of politics and competing interests.  But don’t panic, we’ve got the perfect recipe for removing the tension from your tinsel, giving your work-force a brilliant night to remember and earning a whole box of brownie points with the boss at the same time:

Ingredients for the perfect Christmas Party:

  • 1 date that works for the majority: to achieve this Harpers Bazaar suggests circulating potential dates around the office and going with the “majority rules” when making the final decision.
  • 1 large party venue: a recent Eventbrite survey found that 50% of respondents wanted their party to be held in a dedicated space, and only 8% wanted it held in the workplace.  Often you get more than just the venue – Merlin Events team is made up of experienced event managers who will take all the hard work out of organising the event for you.
  • A liberal sprinkling of drinks – many would say this is the most important ingredient!  Depending on your budget a free welcome cocktail (in company colours) sets the tone, followed by a wine, beer and soft drinks package arranged with the venue.
  • A large handful of party food – forget the dried turkey sandwiches or vol-au-vents.  Think modern, stylish and tantalisingly tasty.
  • A large helping of entertainment – this is a must to help to break the ice and make your party go with a swing.  So make sure you’ve got a decent amount allocated in your budget for good entertainment.
  • A pinch of style: 58% of people surveyed think a dress code for the Christmas Party is a bad idea, so why not opt for something more casual?  Instead you could have a box of fancy dress clothes, or sprinkle festive accessories around your chosen venue for people to put on if they want – think of the #ChristmasSelfie possibilities!

If you’re a small business then why not consider a shared Christmas Party or if you want something really different then check out London Dungeon Lates.  With theatre, special events, and a lot of after-hours scary fun they’ve still got tickets available for 20th, 21st and 22nd December.

So mix the ingredients thoroughly together then relax and rely on the event manager to deliver a fantastic party that will make you look REALLY GOOD (and enable you to be a little smug with your super-organised friend).  Sounds like a perfect recipe to end the year with a bang!



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