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Top 8 Themed Events and Unique Venues to Match

08 March 2022

Whether it is a children’s party, a corporate event or a wedding, focusing your event on a particular theme has many benefits, for you, your guests and ease of planning.


Choosing a theme

With an array of possibilities, deciding on a theme is the first, and can be the most difficult task. Your event theme will depend on the type of occasion you’re celebrating, your likes and interests and your guests. You will also need to think about a venue that is suited to your theme, as well as decorations, entertainment and, of course, food.

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Although lots can be done with decorations, entertainment and catering to set your theme, nothing makes a greater impact on the experience of your event than the venue itself. Choosing a venue that’s already centred around your desired theme can make the whole process a lot easier and execution even more impactful.

Our iconic London event venues, including Madame Tussauds London, Movies at Madame Tussauds LondonThe London DungeonSEA LIFE London Aquarium, SEA LIFE Brighton Aquarium and Shrek’s Adventure! London are already fantastically themed with their own unique atmosphere and ambiance.

We’ve put together eight theme ideas to suit lots of occasions.


Hollywood Stars

Do you want to feel like a Hollywood star for one night? There are so many stars you can choose from, from current celebrities to old Hollywood glamour stars. You

won’t be hard-pressed to find suitable event attire as this particular theme offers a big variety of fancy dress costumes and decorations, including film reels, Oscar statuettes and VIP theme accessories.

Venue suggestion: Madame Tussauds London – the venue with legendary and famous stars that comes with coloured LED lighting to create perfect ambience – Surround yourself with the crème de la crème of Hollywood. Our venue can host up to 1000 guests.


Shrek Characters

Although many associate cartoons and animations with children’s events, adults are usually more than happy to attend and take part, remembering favourite characters. Have your next event in the magical Kingdom of Far Far Away, immersing yourself in the adventure. The colour scheme for your event – green, purple and yellow.

Venue suggestion: Shrek’s Adventure! London – the venue that has a unique and magical atmosphere, just like Shrek himself! As part of your event package, all your guests get the opportunity to embark on a journey through the enchanted kingdom of Far Far Away.



Perfect for brave millennial audiences and an increasingly popular genre. Set your event theme right from the start with zombified invites. Decorations for a zombie themed party can be as timid or gruesome as you and your guests can handle, including things like artificial body parts and warning signs.

Venue suggestion: The London Dungeon – a unique and terrifying venue that comes with special effects for the event.  Events packages include your very own Dungeon Experience, which incorporates rides and live action shows with the talented cast of actors.


Under the sea

Perfect for both children and adults, choosing a magical underwater theme will be a showstopper for all ages. Colours, lights and even sounds can take your guests deep under the sea and surround by what the ocean has to offer.

Venue suggestion: SEA LIFE London Aquarium and SEA LIFE Brighton Aquarium – are the perfect venues for your underwater theme. These venues are so beautiful and already exude ambience you don’t need to worry about additional decorations, you can keep the extras to a minimum and let the venue do all the work.



The character possibilities are endless, including a few classics such as Spiderman, Captain America, Hulk, Black Widow and Ironman. Again, one for adults and children alike, you can go old school superheroes, to characters from

any of the new Marvel blockbusters.

Venue suggestion: Movies at Madame Tussauds – a venue that is offering three different event spaces and is full of superheroes. There is no other option for this type of venue hire in London quite like it, and your guests are guaranteed to be fully entertained throughout the evening. All audio and visual effects are included.


Star Wars

Invite Storm Troopers, Darth Vader, Princess Leia and Jedis to your incredible event! Do not forget to add a perfect touch to your special day – decorations, that may include lightsabers and any space accessories. Who is your favourite character in Star Wars?

Venue suggestion: Movies at Madame Tussauds London – is just an ideal venue for this theme allowing you and your guests to have their dinner alongside Star Wars characters. It’s one of a kind party venue, offering three different event spaces. Your guests are guaranteed to be fully entertained throughout the evening.



Who wants to be the king of all pirates? One of the ideas for a pirate themed event is a quest. Quest is a game that allows you to experience a real exciting adventure in real life. During the game the team solves problems and looks for original solutions to complete tasks. Sounds like a perfect corporate event.

Venue suggestion: SEA LIFE London Aquarium, SEA LIFE Brighton – exciting venues to look for a treasure. Just imagine your pirate dining with the sharks or in a scarily fun unusual venue like The London Dungeon with the capacity of 50-120 guests.


Angels and Demons

It is when Heaven and Hell collide. For Heaven theme you can use cotton clouds, white fabric, and light-coloured furniture. Hell decorations might include leather, velvet and posters with human sins.

Venue suggestion: SEA LIFE London Aquarium – is an unusual venue to suit your preferred party theme, it has a built-in audio system, LED lighting and furniture to create a desirable atmosphere. The London Dungeon has a built-in audio visual equipment and entertainment that make for that dramatic and interactive event space.


One of the benefits of holding your event at one of our Merlin venues is that the venues themselves set the tone, theme and feel, without you having to spend a penny on decorations. Whether it’s one of our suggested themes, your chosen one or you simply want to hold your event at a unique venue, Merlin events can certainly help.

Please contact our team and we can help you to organise an unforgettable occasion!

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