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The side effects of a British summer

21 September 2016

The longed-for British summer is slowly drawing to a close. Despite a sluggish start (as those who survived the wettest Glastonbury in 46 years will tell you), it has certainly had its moments. Everyone loves summer don’t they? It’s not just that we crave sunshine to make us happy, our bodies need the Vitamin D for healthy bones – and we get that from the star of the solar system, the sun.


But what about the side effects of a British summer? With so many expectations it can be a severe let down and for some it can even cause stress. You’re supposed to be having a great time – splashing in water, prancing about in our bikini-perfect size 6 bodies – so why aren’t you enjoying yourself? Most of us have heard of Seasonal Adjustment Disorder – but did you know you can get it in summer?

According to Psychology Today, one theory suggests that summer SAD can be due to too much sunlight which leads to changes in melatonin production. Alternatively, it might be that we stay up later in the summer which throws our sensitive internal body clock. UCLA Depression Research Programme Director Ian A Cook says that for some the particular stresses of summer can pile up, making us feel miserable. The children are home for 6 weeks and need occupying, work is disrupted, we need to juggle child-care, spending time with the kids and not getting the sack. Money is also an issue; that dream holiday might have delivered wonderful memories and a sun-tan, but the after-effects mean a reduced budget for the next few months.

So if this summer hasn’t delivered the blissful warm days you hoped for and you’re feeling slightly stressed – what can you do to get through? Here are our top tips for surviving the side effects of a British summer:
• Go for morning or evening walks in your nearby park, or whatever bit of country you can find.
• Do your workout outside instead of at the gym.
• Get your hands dirty in the garden, or plant up pots for the balcony. Gardening is therapeutic – did you know that soil releases happy chemicals?
• Treat yourself – small vacations or an occasional treat can be a real tonic. Book onto one of our popular Shared Christmas Parties, start planning New Years Eve or get along to a London Lates after hours’ experience to give yourself something to look forward to!

Enjoy some post-summer fun at our London Lates

Enjoy some post-summer fun at our London Lates

Do you suffer from the side effects of summer?


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